NC, SC & VA’s Premier Source for Housekeeping Chemicals

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Are you the owner of a hotel, healthcare facility or other commercial business that uses housekeeping chemicals? Make everyone’s job easier by contacting Consolidated Laundry.

As a leading housekeeping chemicals company in NC, SC and VA, we can provide the laundry detergents, sanitizers and multi-purpose cleaners your business needs to function efficiently. At Consolidated Laundry, our goal is to simplify housekeeping, which is why we offer commercial businesses in NC, SC and VA leading housekeeping cleaning products by DOSE™.

Why Our Commercial Cleaning Products?

At Consolidated Laundry, we want to provide our customers with the highest-quality commercial cleaning products on the market today, which is why we offer DOSE™ By SURFLEX®. DOSE makes housekeeping easy.

Set up has never been easier, we will come to your facility and set it up for you. We will also train your staff on how to use your system. Our super concentrated chemicals and accurate dispensing system will give you the best results and control costs. All of our chemicals and their containers are environmentally safe. These high quality products combined with Consolidated Laundry's great service will make your facility the best it's ever been.

There are a number of reasons why business owners turn to Consolidated Laundry for our housekeeping chemicals:

  • Save space and can be installed anywhere
  • Minimal employee training
  • Premeasured dispensing allows your staff to deliver consistent results
  • Save money with super-concentrated chemicals

Have questions about our housekeeping chemicals? Want a free estimate for your business? Don’t hesitate to contact Consolidated Laundry today!