Exciting New Things At Consolidated Laundry

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For over 45 years, Consolidated Laundry has been the leader in North Carolina and Virginia in the commercial laundry equipment business. Consolidated has built a reputation over the years of not only selling great products but providing excellent service and having a knowledgeable parts staff.  That tradition continues to this day. Anyone in the equipment market can depend on Consolidated Laundry Equipment to get the job done.

There are exciting new things happening at Consolidated. We are eager to roll out our new chemical program.  Consolidated Laundry Equipment has teamed up with Anderson Chemicals to offer a one stop shop for all your laundry room needs to provide the best results possible.  One call to us is the only call you have to make for a complete laundry package.

In addition, we have new things in the works for branching out into restaurant chemistry and more advances in wet cleaning for dry cleaners.  We are always looking for new advances and new avenues to better service our customers.

Stay tuned in with Consolidated Laundry Equipment and let us bring the most complete and best quality service to you.