Commercial Laundry Equipment Rental Throughout NC & VA & Nationwide

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Consolidated Laundry makes it easy for you to furnish your laundry facility with the industry’s top-performing equipment. Whether you require appliances for your apartment community, hotel, or dormitory, assisted living facility, laundromat, dry cleaners or any commercial laundry application, we provide rental services for the laundry devices you need.

By leasing equipment from Consolidated Laundry you enhance your facility and free yourself of repair costs. Our rental program allows you to replace your old, worn-out equipment with new appliances with minimal investment. For little money down and at a reasonable monthly rate, we can update your facility with the latest and best commercial laundry machines and maintain them at no additional fees.

Our Commercial Laundry Equipment Provides an Affordable Alternative to Owning

It may seem that owning your commercial laundry devices is more advantageous, however, the actual financial benefits of owning your own equipment may be much less than perceived, particularly as time goes on, and your machinery is put through the typical wear and tear.

By renting from Consolidated Laundry Equipment, you receive a valuable product without investing a ton of money. You still maintain control of your laundry facility or dry cleaners revenue, but Consolidated Laundry handles all the hassles. In addition, you receive added bonuses, including quality repair and maintenance by our expert professionals.

Why Rent with Consolidated Laundry

With Consolidated Laundry you have the option of renting your equipment from our extensive catalog of appliances, or, if you manage an apartment complex, residential hall, hotel, or resort, we can do all the work with our route services. So we'll take care of any repairs or maintenance your equipment may need and control the coin operation--all you do is split the revenue with us.

Want to learn more about how our rental services can improve your business? Contact us today to find out.