Wet Cleaning Equipment in NC, VA & Across the Mid-Atlantic

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As more eco-friendly laundry appliances are being designed to help eliminate the potential environmental effect of traditional dry cleaning solvents, those who own and operate laundry establishments are requesting greener solutions for their laundry’s needs. What’s more, a wider spectrum of fabrics is being made to suit wet-cleaning technologies, which introduce a priceless opportunity for you to provide a safer cleaning method and an environmentally-friendly alternative.

Wet-cleaning is incredibly effective in professionally cleaning a variety of garments and textiles. Using equipment from Yamamoto Japan Inc., a company that supplies an extensive line of commercial laundry equipment including washer extractors, dryers and finishing equipment, as well as a number of other wet-cleaning devices, Consolidated Laundry Equipment can make your laundry less dependent on the need for harsh, hazardous chemicals while still being able to churn out immaculate, clean clothing.

Don’t be Left Out to Try--Give Our Wet Cleaning Services a Try

Consolidated Laundry can help upgrade your devices and make your facility more eco-friendly. With our wet-cleaning services, you receive globally-established garment cleaning solutions, leading-edge technologies and the ability to make your facility healthier for the environment and your customers and employees.

Not only will your customers appreciate that you offer eco-friendly cleaning alternatives, they will also love the fresher smell, brighter appearance and overall condition of their clothing. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), wet cleaning is the safest professional method of garment cleaning because it doesn’t involve the use of harmful chemicals, doesn’t produce hazardous waste, and doesn’t generate air pollution. In addition, the detergents used in wet cleaning are much milder than the cleaning components in home laundry products.

As the future of the laundry industry, wet cleaning is soon going to be a must for any successful facility. Find out how you can strengthen your business and increase your revenue--contact us today.