Leading Commercial Cleaning Chemicals in NC, SC & VA

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Are you in search of a company to help you keep your business or commercial building sanitized and clean with some of the industry’s leading chemicals? Turn to Consolidated Laundry.

Consolidated Laundry is a one-stop shop for all things laundry equipment, parts, services, and now cleaning chemicals. As a company offering the best service network in the commercial laundry business, we offer chemicals that are safe, green, and effective to better suit the needs of our customers. If you are looking for chemicals to keep your facility clean, you can rely on the SC, NC and VA commercial cleaning products at Consolidated Laundry.

Delivering Chemicals for Housekeeping, Kitchens & Other Commercial Uses

Whether you are a hotel owner looking to make the lives of your housekeeping staff easier with safe and effective chemicals they can use while cleaning, a restaurant owner looking to keep your kitchen spotless and sanitized at all times, or the owner of a sports team that needs your uniforms cleaned on a daily basis, Consolidated Laundry has what you need.

We offer our clients the following kind of commercial cleaning chemicals in SC, NC & VA:

Benefits the INTEGRA® System Can Bring Your NC, SC or VA Business

By using top-of-the-line commercial chemicals from INTEGRA®, we are the go-to commercial chemical company in SC, NC and VA. INTEGRA offers the following benefits to commercial business owners:

  1. Gravity fed - INTEGRA capsules are inverted when they are in use and then they empty out completely which means no wasted or leftover products.
  2. Easy storage - INTEGRA cases are square and each case holds four one-gallon chemical capsules which promotes safe and easily handling.
  3. Low usage costs - Due to the fact that INTEGRA products are super concentrated, this means some of the lowest usage costs in the industry.
  4. Built-in alerts - INTEGRA products come with a built-in silent supervisor, meaning you can walk through a room and see if any of the containers need to be refilled. This helps reduce “out of product” issues.
  5. Convenient - Due to the fact that INTEGRA systems are water independent, gravity fed and have no moving parts, less failures occur, which means fewer issues for you.
  6. Hassle-free - INTEGRA’s products come with a Continuous Feed Reservoir, which allows you to see when capsules are empty and when they need to be changed. You no longer have to tip products on their side to see if they need to be replaced.
  7. Backup product - INTEGRA’s Continuous Feed Reservoir holds 8 oz. of product, so when the capsule is empty, you will still have 8 oz. of product to keep you running until you change your capsules.
  8. Easy-to-use - To change INTEGRA capsules, you simply match up the product name, color and safety number.
  9. Safe - Your employees will never have to touch the chemicals when changing containers because all INTEGRA products are factory sealed for user safety.
  10. Recyclable - All INTEGRA products are both disposable and recyclable.

Contact us today at (800) 227-6149 for a free estimate or for more information about our commercial cleaning products. We look forward to giving you the chemicals you need for a spotless and clean commercial facility!