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Make Your Facility Green with Consolidated Laundry’s Ozone Services

Bringing NC, SC & VA the ozone laundry technology from Aquawing Ozone Injection Systems, Consolidated Laundry can help you save time, money and the environment.

With our leading ozone program, we meter the water going to your machines with your current programs, analyze your current water and gas bills as well as your program settings and hours of operation, project your laundry’s savings based on your equipment’s size and change in programs, and set up your devices and monitor the program’s success.

What Ozone Systems Can Do For Your Laundry Business

Ozone’s purpose in a laundry application is to use green technology to achieve a far better standard of disinfection and production quality, while at the same time delivering significant financial and labor savings.

Beginning in the late 1980s, the use of ozone in the commercial laundry industry have gained popularity in the profession and now over 2,000 laundry facilities are using ozone laundry systems in their businesses. Due to continued study and testing, ozone systems are being used in a growing number of laundries and dry cleaners.

  • Aquawing Fusion Ozone Injection systems use an ozone generator that is incorporated with your existing equipment. As one of the strongest known oxidizing agents, ozone has the ability to break down nearly any organic soil into innocuous compounds such as carbon dioxide and water.
  • Ozone contributes to faster cleaning and bleaching of garments and the use of less chemicals because it acts as a gas in solutions opening and penetrating the individual fibers of clothing. As a result, you save money and help the environment due to the substantial reductions in washing and drying cycle times.

In addition, your customers’ garments will be softer, cleaner and whiter. Here are a few other benefits of using Consolidated Laundry’s Ozone services:

  • Ozone systems require no additional utilities, tanks or pumps
  • Your business saves in utility and labor expenses
  • Devices have superior disinfectant agents
  • Ozone equipment uses innovative green technologies
  • Reduces linen replacement due to damage

For more details about Ozone technology and the services Consolidated Laundry renders, contact us.


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