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Service Areas in Virginia

Commercial Laundry Machinery, Servicing and Repairs in Virginia

For more than 40 years Consolidated Laundry has been the leading commercial laundry machinery supplier in Virginia. As the most trusted source in the southeastern U.S. for new and used industrial laundry equipment, commercial laundry equipment rental and maintenance, we carry the top brands of appliances and parts to outfit your facility!

Our industry specialists will help you with everything from designing your laundry premises to upgrading to new commercial washing machines and dryers, Consolidated Laundry Equipment Inc. can take care of your needs! We also offer used commercial laundry equipment and route services to companies in Virginia.

Some of the locations we serve include:

The town of Blacksburg VA is generally considered a great place to live, with popular, busy entertainment venues like the downtown restaurants and bars, the Lyric movie theater and Virginia Tech’s Lane Stadium. Blacksburg is home to some significant healthcare facilities, such as the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) and the LewisGale Hospital Montgomery. Hospitals and clinics across the nation are under continuous pressure to ensure the sterility and cleanliness of their facilities, and this requires them to have reliable commercial laundry machines and wet and dry cleaning facilities. They also need access to appropriate commercial laundry chemicals to ensure they comply with sanitization requirements.

At Consolidated Laundry Equipment, we have the knowledge and experience to work with your representatives to determine the best machinery, chemicals and processes for maintaining the bacteria-free environment that is so essential.

Since 1968, Consolidated Laundry has been Charlottesville’s primary supplier of the highest quality commercial laundry machines and services. Whether you’re setting up a coin-operated laundry business, upgrading your existing space with new commercial washing machines and dryers, or anything in between, we can take care of your needs!

We handle both commercial laundry equipment rental and the purchase of new and used appliances. Our laundry specialists believe in helping facility owners run their business smoothly by providing them with all the upkeep and maintenance services they need.

A diverse, independent city in Virginia with around 240,000 residents, Chesapeake is part of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. With its extensive stretches of industrial, commercial and residential property, it has a vibrant economy where commercial and coin-operated laundry equipment and services are in high demand.

At Consolidated Laundry Equipment Inc., we offer tailor-made services such as laundry design, purchasing of new and used commercial dry cleaning machines, appliance rental and route or revenue-sharing services that make it easy for you to manage your property’s laundry facility.

Are you looking for commercial washing machines and dryers, wet cleaning equipment or commercial cleaning chemicals in Newport News, VA? At Consolidated Laundry, we offer the following commercial laundry machines to laundromats, dry cleaners, apartment complexes, hotels, dorms and other commercial laundry facilities:

Additionally, we have a wide selection of used laundry equipment available for rent or purchase. We supply everything you need to keep your laundry business running efficiently.

The city of Norfolk VA has a long history as a strategic military and transportation point. With a population of almost a quarter million people, Norfolk landlords and accommodation managers are hard-pressed to provide commercial laundry facilities for residents. Are you managing a laundromat, dry cleaner, hotel or apartment complex in the region? Keep your laundry running smoothly and hassle-free with help from Consolidated Laundry! Since 1968, we’ve been providing the Norfolk area’s best commercial laundry machines, including new and used dry cleaning equipment. We also offer maintenance, repairs, and a wide range of parts and service.

Richmond, the capital city of Virginia, is among America’s oldest major cities. With its population of just over 220,000 residents, the city is home to the headquarters of six Fortune 500 companies, while several others have a major presence in the area.

At Consolidated Laundry Equipment Inc., we not only offer great appliances— we provide exceptional, personalized service to go with them. When you rely on our commercial laundry chemicals, equipment and services, you can rest assured you won’t have to think about the minor details that often come with caring for commercial washing machines and dryers.

The specialized team at Consolidated Laundry firmly believes in helping laundry facility owners run their business smoothly by providing them with the upkeep and maintenance services they need. We offer a variety of commercial laundry machines for purchase in Roanoke:

Whether you’re starting or upgrading a coin-operated laundromat or an in-house, industrial facility, you need industrial laundry equipment that handles the washing and drying of customers’ clothes, linens and other household items.

Virginia Beach is a highly-desirable location for companies of all industries and sizes, and home to a range of industries including corporate HQs, defense contractors and locally-owned businesses. With almost 200 foreign firms established in the area, the location and business climate have resulted in it becoming a hub of international commerce. As Virginia Beach’s leading provider of commercial laundry appliances, Consolidated Laundry Equipment Inc. offers the premier brands and extensive selection you’re looking for.

Contact the experts for the laundry appliances you need in Virginia

No matter your industry, our experts can help with the maintenance and management of your commercial laundry facility. Our experienced consultants can assist with the design and layout of your laundry facilities, as well as arrange the purchase of industrial laundry machines or set up the commercial laundry equipment rental agreements you require.

Maintenance and Repairs

Consolidated Laundry has one of the largest and most qualified service departments in the south-eastern U.S. and our qualified technicians have excellent industry experience. We offer an extensive range of parts, and a one-stop shop for all your Virginia facility’s maintenance and repair requirements.

Contact us at Consolidated Laundry Equipment today for a free estimate or to learn more about our product and commercial laundry service offerings. If you need emergency services, please call our service line at (800) 227-6149.

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