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Service Areas in North Carolina

Commercial Laundry Equipment, Service and Repairs in North Carolina

As North Carolina’s most trusted source for new and used industrial laundry equipment, commercial laundry machine rental and maintenance, Consolidated Laundry Equipment Inc. carries the top brands of commercial washing machines and parts to outfit your facility!

Our industry professionals are here to help you with everything from designing your laundry premises to selecting new machines to upgrade your existing space. We are also proud to offer used commercial laundry equipment and route services to our clients in North Carolina.

Serving North Carolina Since 1968

The experienced industrial laundry professionals at Consolidated Laundry Equipment Inc. serve apartments, hotels, schools, dry cleaners and other commercial clients all around North Carolina. Some of the areas we serve include:

As the largest city in Western North Carolina, Asheville is well-known for its vibrant arts and entertainment scene. It is also an important business center, with an active laundry and dry cleaning sector. At Consolidated Laundry, we recognize the importance of this business environment to the region, so we supply industrial laundry equipment from the top manufacturers in the nation. From the sale of new and used appliances to parts, repairs and maintenance, we can help you choose the right commercial equipment for any coin-operated laundry or dry cleaning facility.

As one of the major cities in North Carolina, Charlotte has a population of close to one million residents, and an active tourism and hospitality industry. Hotels, B&Bs and other types of leisure accommodation venues have an ongoing need for laundry facilities. Most venues not only offer laundry services to guests, but require quality bed linen, blankets, towels, napkins and staff uniforms at all times.

Whether you need standard commercial washing machines and dryers or industrial laundry chemicals, Consolidated Laundry can help you design and outfit your facility with the appliances you need.

Since 1968, businesses in Concord NC have trusted the professionals at Consolidated Laundry Equipment Inc. for all of their commercial laundry service requirements. We are an industry-leading supplier with a commitment to first-class customer service and the finest products. Whether you need replacement parts for your dry cleaning equipment or route services to help manage your facility, Consolidated Laundry can take care of you.

Davidson NC is located just 20 miles north of Charlotte, and is a small college town with a population of around 13,000 residents. With the town’s strong commitment to economic growth and sustainability, commercial laundry and dry cleaning is an active and thriving industry. Companies with laundry requirements of all types receive best-in-class service from Consolidated Laundry, whether that involves new or used equipment, parts and repairs, or industrial laundry chemicals.

As the seat of Duke University and it’s impressive Health System, Durham NC is one of the state’s Research Triangle cities, alongside Raleigh and Chapel Hill. The city has an ambitious strategic plan for the future, which will encourage the advancement of business and the economy. As it grows, Durham companies with coin laundry equipment as well as dry cleaning facilities will be in high demand. Consolidated Laundry Equipment Inc. is prepared for growth in the region, and we pledge to deliver the same quality equipment and services as we have since 1968.

With around 75,000 residents, laundry businesses in Gastonia NC often need to buy used commercial washing machines and other equipment. Companies that own or manage apartment complexes, dormitories or hotels know the importance of maintaining a solid establishment that customers can rely on. Consolidated Laundry can supply all your Gastonia industrial laundry requirements, including machine rentals, commercial laundry chemicals and route services.

Consolidated Laundry Equipment delivers world-class products and services to the laundry industry across Greensboro and the Triad region. As the area’s top provider of industrial dry cleaning machine brands, we have the brands, products and services your laundromat or dry cleaning business needs. With amenities like our convenient route services, you never have to worry about the upkeep and maintenance of your commercial laundry equipment as we manage everything from coin collection to machine repairs–allowing you to focus on your residents or guests and property.

Greenville is the healthcare, education and entertainment center of North Carolina’s Tidewater and Coastal Plain. The city is home to 36 educational institutions, including 13 elementary schools, 12 middle and high schools, 10 private schools and a Health Sciences Academy. After schools in California installed commercial washing machines and dryers for use by students, recent research showed 93% of students who used the facilities improved both their attendance and their performance.

If your school, business or healthcare facility in Greenville NC needs to buy or rent laundry equipment, our knowledgeable experts are here to help.

Consolidated Laundry is a leading carrier of some of the most prominent wet cleaning equipment brands in the nation. Our vendors include Cissell®, Union, and Sankosha®, and we work with LG to provide convenient route services to our customers in High Point NC. We also offer a wide range of rental equipment designed for dry cleaning, on-premises laundry (OPL), coin-operated, ozone and flatwork finishing.

The delightful little town of Lake Norman NC is renowned for its sporting facilities and venues. With a selection of top-notch locations, as well as accommodations, restaurants, attractions and other leisure activities, it’s the ideal place for sports lovers. Athletic venues have an important responsibility to provide laundry facilities for users, to ensure the health and safety of players and staff. If your Lake Norman NC facilities need upgrading or outfitting with new or used industrial laundry equipment, our expert consultants can advise you.

Lake Wylie is a man-made water reservoir that straddles both South and North Carolina. It has a surface area of 13,400 acres and 325 miles of shoreline. Several upmarket neighborhoods offer single-family homes as well as recreational areas. For more than 40 years, Consolidated Laundry has worked to deliver high-quality, consistent coin laundry equipment and other wet cleaning equipment to commercial laundry facilities and dry cleaners throughout the Lake Wylie NC area, including:

Not only do we offer the industry’s best products and parts, including a line of used laundry products, but we work with a wide selection of commercial laundry vendors. It’s is no wonder that we are the company that Lake Wylie businesses come to for all of their commercial laundry needs.

The town of Matthews NC in southeastern Mecklenburg County is a suburb of Charlotte, with a population of around 27,000 people. The area is home to hundreds of apartment complexes, some with privately owned condominium units and others that offer rentals. Since apartments and condos often require a laundry for the use of occupants, Consolidated Laundry Equipment has an active service market in Matthews NC.

Whether you have existing coin operated laundry equipment or are looking to invest in dry cleaning equipment, we can provide detailed recommendations from our laundry specialists that cover the commercial laundry equipment rental and purchase options.

When your laundry facility in Mooresville NC needs to run smoothly and efficiently, turn to commercial laundry equipment rental and service provided by our knowledgeable team. With more than 35,000 residents as of 2016, the town is known as “Race City USA” because it is home to several NASCAR racing teams and drivers, along with an IndyCar team and its drivers. For more than forty years, Consolidated Laundry Equipment has provided Mooresville businesses with premier commercial laundry machines, parts and repairs.

As the capital city of North Carolina, Raleigh has international acclaim as the home of several technology and scholarly institutions, as well as a high number of specialized medical services. At Consolidated Laundry, we recognize the importance of cleanliness and sanitization for these types of facilities. Whether you need design and outfitting of a complete onsite laundry or just the supply of a used commercial washing machine, we can deliver.

In addition to a diverse selection of the industry’s best laundry equipment, Consolidated Laundry Equipment offers a variety of commercial laundry services for facility managers in Statesville NC. We are proud to provide the following services:

We offer the finest brands in the industry to equip your business and are committed to the highest quality repairs and services, all accompanied by world-class customer relations.

The City of Wilmington NC is part of the state’s Research coast, located about 130 miles from the Research Triangle Park in Durham, NC. It has a historic downtown area with a 1.75-mile (2.82 km) Riverwalk, developed in the late 20th century as an attraction for the tourists who frequent the area for its proximity to the ocean and its vibrant nightlife. In the busy hospitality industry, the availability of laundry facilities is important to ensure quality bed linen, blankets, towels, napkins and staff uniforms.

Whether you need coin-operated or standard commercial washing machines and dryers, Consolidated Laundry Equipment can help you plan and equip your laundry operation with the appliances you need. We work closely with several established vendors, including  Cissell®, Union, Sankosha®, and others, to deliver new and used equipment you need for your circumstances.

Data from U.S. News that analyzed 125 metro areas ranked Winston-Salem (a.k.a. Winston) high on the list of Best Places to Live. The city is considered to have a lower cost of living and lower housing costs than surrounding areas. Winston has an established laundry industry serving the needs of both private and business clients. Companies offering laundry facilities for commercial or industrial use can enjoy world-class consulting, design, sales, rentals, parts, maintenance and repairs from Consolidated Laundry. Whether you need to purchase new or used commercial laundry equipment or an industrial dry cleaning machine, we can deliver the services you need.

Call the Commercial Laundry Equipment Experts at Consolidated Laundry

No matter your industry, our experts can help with the maintenance and management of your commercial laundry facility. Contact us at Consolidated Laundry Equipment today for a free estimate or to learn more about our product and commercial laundry service offerings. If you need emergency services, please call our service line at (800) 227-6149.

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