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Suppliers of Industrial Laundry Equipment

North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia & Beyond

Consolidated Laundry has an extensive selection of new and used commercial laundry machines and dry-cleaning equipment, all of which are available nationwide.

With locations across NC, SC, & VA when you need state-of-the-art appliances at great prices, we’re here for you. We work with a large cross-section of laundry and dry-cleaning facilities and offer a wide range of products designed for a diverse clientele.

From new to gently used and refurbished machinery, if you’re in the market for a specific piece of equipment please contact us for assistance.

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Do you need wet or dry-cleaning equipment and solvents for your commercial dry-cleaning facility? We supply everything you need for professional cleaning methods.


If your operations depend on your OPL’s efficiency, it’s vital to have only the best quality laundry appliances on site. Don’t let inferior products hinder you.

Coin Laundry

When you’re running a coin-operated laundromat or a facility in an apartment building, university or hotel, we can help you get the most from your investment.

Ozone Systems

Our ozone solutions save you money and make your facility greener while achieving a higher standard of cleaning and disinfection. Get an ozone system estimate today.

Dry Cleaning Machines, Coin-Operated Laundry Equipment & More in NC, SC & VA

With more than a dozen vendors, Consolidated Laundry carries laundry and dry cleaning equipment from some of the industry’s top retailers, and we offer an extensive line of reliable, heavy-duty commercial equipment and products. In addition, we also offer Domus®, Union and Sankosha.®

Maximize your investment with our unique laundry design services aimed at evaluating the cost-benefit of your product purchases. Not only can you rely on our products, but you can trust in our team of qualified experts to assess and determine what equipment would be most suitable for your business.

Explore your options with our substantial line of products, including:

Dry Cleaners and Wet Cleaners (Shirt Presses and Dry Cleaning Machines),

On-Premises Laundry (OPL)

Commercial Washers

Commercial Dryers

Flatwork Finishes

Coin Laundry

Ozone Systems

Each of our machines are one-of-a-kind items available in limited quantities. They come with valuable savings and sell out quickly. For a comprehensive list of our laundry and dry-cleaning equipment, check out our vendor listing or contact a member of our dynamic sales team.

Consolidated Laundry also repairs and services your machines and provides you with any parts you might need. No matter what your facility’s requirements are, we have all the products you require at reasonable prices.

Industries Served

  • Laundromats
  • Hotels
  • Healthcare
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Schools
  • Sports Teams
  • Apartments
  • Resorts
  • And Many More…

Don’t Want to Buy New?

We Offer A Large Selection Of Used Commercial Laundry Equipment

Consolidated Laundry offers an extensive selection of used commercial laundry equipment, which is available nationwide. With locations in NC, SC, & VA, we provide an assortment of state of the art, refurbished appliances at great prices. If you’re in the market for used commercial laundry or dry cleaning equipment, please contact us for assistance.

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Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your Business

Whether you need a commercial washer and dryer for a small business or industrial laundry equipment for the textile industry, Consolidated Laundry Equipment is the supplier that you can trust. You can buy the best commercial washers and more from top manufacturers at competitive prices. Leading sales and service support will streamline the process. Explore what we have to offer and make the right decision for your business.

Commercial Washing Machines That Ensure a Great Return on Investment

There’s a lot to consider when choosing commercial washing machines for your business. Dimensions and capacity are important. Reliability and features will also come into play. It’s important that you are able to meet all of your needs without compromise. We specialize in providing commercial washers that exceed expectations.

As you explore our range of commercial appliances, consider the following:

  • What are your size constraints?
  • What are your load requirements today, and will this increase in the future?
  • Do you need stackable commercial washer and dryer units?
  • Would your company benefit from quality used commercial laundry equipment?
  • Would industrial laundry equipment be a better fit for your business model?

The difference between commercial and industrial laundry machines often comes down to size and features. Commercial units are often feature-rich and more comparable to consumer units. However, commercial washers typically have more robust components to ensure serviceability and a longer overall lifetime.

Industrial laundry machines may lack some of the features (such as easy setting wash cycles) that some commercial units have, however, they maximize performance, efficiency, and longevity. Industrial laundry equipment is designed for heavy loads and the largest capacities. They are useful for clothing manufacturers, off-site laundry service processing, hotels, cruise ships, and other similar heavy-use applications.

We offer a broad selection of all industrial and commercial laundry equipment so that you are able to evaluate your needs compared to the options that are on the market. We can also source the highest quality used commercial laundry equipment to ensure savings without compromising durability or operating lifetime.

The Hallmarks of Efficient Commercial Washing Machines

The best commercial washer and dryer units for your business will be highly efficient, as environmentally-friendly as possible, and they will provide excellent cleaning results.

Commercial units may be used near-continuously and require excellent duty cycles. Maintenance is minimized thanks to our lineup of only the best commercial laundry machines that are engineered with precision parts and long-lasting hardware. There’s nothing worse than investing in what you consider to be ‘commercial’ equipment, only to find that it frequently breaks down due to the usage of outdated designs or inefficient parts that are intended for household use. We are committed to bringing only the best products to the market. We aim to create long term relationships with our clients, which is achieved by only supplying the best commercial and industrial laundry equipment that stands up to the most demanding environments.

Our commercial laundry machines are designed to:

  • Minimize water usage without compromising cleaning quality.
  • Minimize electrical usage through high-efficiency motors and machine designs.
  • Maximize your return on investment by providing the longest possible lifetime.
  • Maximize capacity in the most efficient form factor.
  • Ensure serviceability with readily available spares and replacement parts.
  • Ensure compatibility with industry-standard laundry chemicals.

Effective commercial and industrial cleaning should not come with caveats that reduce efficiency or ease of use. Talk to us today if you have unique requirements and we will recommend the commercial washer dryers and standalone units that suit.


Of New & Used Commercial Laundry Equipment

Should You Buy a Combo Commercial Washer Dryer for Your Business?

Commercial washer dryer units are available in pair and combination designs. The right one for you will depend on your unique needs. Smaller businesses that only have moderate laundry requirements can use combo devices to save space and minimize cost. However, it should be considered how a single unit would lack efficiency in some scenarios.

A combo commercial washer and dryer will only provide one function at a time, so completing a full wash/dry for several loads would require additional handling time and resources. This could be problematic for companies that use staff to attend their washer dryer combos. It would take more man-hours to complete each load.

Even in companies that offer self-service (such as laundromats, hotels, motels, etc.), a combo system could reduce convenience for users, and may reflect poorly on customer service. It could also tie up machines in use, leading to a backlog or unacceptable wait times.

Evaluate your needs carefully. If you expect high utilization and will only be investing in a few units, combo appliances would minimize your throughput. Investing in stacked or separate commercial washer dryers may offer more convenience with a better logistical workflow through the washing and drying process.

Still unsure about the perfect washers or commercial dryers for your needs? Talk to us today and we will help you to identify your requirements and offer recommendations that lead to an informed purchase. Used commercial laundry equipment can reduce the initial investment while still meeting all of your current needs.

How Long Do Commercial Washing Machines Last?

Commercial washers are designed to last much longer than those designed for households. The average service life for a commercial unit is 14 years, compared to around 8 years (12 in the best case scenario) for a unit designed to be used in a home.

This allows for a significant return on investment that would continue to pay off as your business grows. With the right servicing schedule, and assuming parts availability, commercial units can last longer than 14 years.

Commercial dryers also offer a similar lifespan, with most being able to keep up with a washer purchased in the same year.

Note that the actual continuous operating lifetime in hours is much longer than a comparable unit designed for homes. Commercial laundry machines are subjected to frequent use, whether installed at a laundromat, in the hospitality industry or anywhere else.

Industrial Laundry Machines for the Largest Businesses

Commercial machines are ideal for small and large businesses. Some companies will have heavier requirements, which is where our industrial laundry equipment comes in.

Industrial units are designed for the heaviest use cycles, the largest capacities, and the highest levels of reliability and serviceability. The largest industrial laundry machines can clean up to 140kg of textiles in just a single cycle. They are suitable for washing as well as other processes such as bleaching, dying, or even stone washing.

Are You Considering a Commercial Laundry Machine for Your Home?

Although we primarily work with industrial and commercial operators to meet their laundry needs, there are cases where households seek to benefit from commercial laundry equipment.

A commercial washer will outperform a unit intended for consumers. Although the designs aren’t always as modern or attractive, the functionality more than makes up for this.

A few things to consider before you commit to commercial washers or commercial dryers include:

  • The upfront cost will be higher, but maintenance needs will be fewer.
  • You will be able to wash larger loads (ideal for highly active or larger than average households).
  • Larger loads increase water, detergent, and electric efficiency.
  • A commercial laundry machineis likely to last longer overall, thanks to increased serviceability and longer availability of spare parts when compared to consumer units.

Think carefully before you purchase a commercial machine, as you could lose out on some features (including smart features) that are popular in homes today. If you think this is the best solution for your household needs, you can contact us for options and availability.

Contact Us Today for Commercial Dryers, Washers, and Industrial Laundry Machine Equipment

We are suppliers of the best brands, the most reliable parts, and innovative units that improve efficiency and workflow. No matter your business model, Consolidated Laundry Equipment can help you to find the perfect solutions.

From standalone commercial dryers to commercial laundry machines and industrial equipment, our competitively priced units ensure that the laundry equipment you need is within reach.

Contact us today to learn more about our brands, used commercial laundry equipment, and new units that can stand up to the most frequent commercial and industrial usage.

The Industry’s Best Commercial Washing Machines and Commercial Laundry Machine Parts

We are proud suppliers of the most reliable commercial washing machines in the Southeast and across America. We distribute nationwide, providing the best sales support and aftercare for commercial washers and commercial dryers.

If you need commercial washing machines, service advice, or commercial washing machines parts, talk to your local experts at Consolidated Laundry.

  • Domus is an innovative manufacturer of commercial laundry machines. All Domus® commercial washing machines, dryers, recovery tanks, and flatwork ironers are designed to exacting performance standards. Select models offer advanced features like wireless app connectivity for improved usability.
  • Union dry clean machine parts and equipment are ideal for maintaining your existing dry cleaners. Talk to us today to learn more about our parts and service options. We offer dry clean machines and services throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and throughout the nation. Maintain your dry cleaning equipment with our help.
  • Sankosha® new and used commercial laundry equipment is designed to stand up to the most demanding scenarios in the dry cleaning industry. New and used dry cleaning commercial laundry equipment offers modern functionality with reliability that your business can count on. If you need commercial laundry equipment, talk to our sales team today to learn more about the Sankosha® range of commercial laundry machine devices including garment finishers, presses, and more.

We understand the demands of your industry. Commercial washer and dryer machines are our specialty, and we can develop the perfect solutions to meet your budget and operational requirements. Ask a representative about new and used commercial laundry equipment today. From commercial dryers to commercial washer and dryer combos, we are standing by to supply you with the industry’s best brands and equipment. For commercial washer dryers and specialized equipment, Consolidated Laundry Equipment is the company to call.

Our sales and support team is standing by to help with product support, part searches, and any of your commercial washing machines sales and support needs.

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