Consolidated Laundry Offers Premium Coin Laundry Services

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With Consolidated Laundry, we know that all laundry facilities are different; therefore we provide a number of services which can be tailored to your business. Whether you’re running a coin-operated laundromat or have a facility in an apartment community, university dormitory or military base, we can assist you in getting the most out of your investment.

Consolidated Laundry’s coin services come with a presentation layout package that includes useful presentations that can be used when you need to publicly introduce your facility’s layout or present the upgrades that have been made to your laundry establishment and a dimensional drawing package that features details such as layout and equipment placement, utility requirements, and significant appliance location information. In addition, we’ll supply you with a package that contains:

  • Final full-sized presentation highlighting equipment elevations, foundation specifications and detailed utility requirements
  • Brochures about Consolidated Laundry’s equipment
  • Installation instructions for all Consolidated Laundry devices

Consolidated Laundry also provides sizing analysis and operating cost estimates for on-premise laundries that can be used to help you determine operating costs and projected return of investment based on the laundry design layout you choose.

Premium Coin-Operation Equipment in North Carolina, South Carolina & Virginia

Let us help you build and maintain your facility with our exceptional line of coin-operated laundry equipment. From Mecklenburg County and the Triangle regions of North Carolina to Virginia’s Tidewater area to South Carolina, Consolidated Laundry has services crafted specifically for your facility whether it be in a hotel, college dormitory, hospice or hospital, correctional institution or neighborhood laundromat. With our analysis we can determine:

  • Capital investment dollars
  • Operating costs
  • Savings and projected payback of the investment (if applicable)
  • Daily and weekly laundry volume in pounds
  • Equipment capacity requirements
  • Number of operators required to meet expected laundry capacity
  • Total daily, weekly and monthly operating costs

At Consolidated Laundry, we believe that the better informed our clients are, the wiser they are, therefore, we provide our customers with laundry design services that guide your laundry business plans.

Contact Consolidated Laundry today for more information on our coin operation services.