Consolidated Laundry’s Consultants Provide Excellent Support for Your Laundry Endeavor

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At Consolidated Laundry, we know that not everyone who embarks on a commercial laundry endeavor comes into the business with complete knowledge about owning and operating a dry cleaners or laundromat. As a result, we have savvy consultants on hand to help you design, plan and arrange your laundry facility. Don’t let lack of industry experience hold you back from your business aspirations--consult with a laundry operations expert in your area today!


Consult an Experienced Commercial Laundry Specialist in NC & VA

Since entering the commercial laundry industry in 1968, Consolidated Laundry has been a leader in the industrial laundry business. Much of our success is due to our products, services, and team of knowledgeable commercial laundry experts. Whether your laundry establishment is based in Raleigh and Charlotte, NC or in the Tidewater region of Virginia, you can count on an experienced representative from Consolidated Laundry to help you revamp a laundry that you already own or assist you in launching a new laundry venture.

How Our Consultants Can Help You

With Consolidated Laundry’s consultation services you receive guidance and assistance from an experienced commercial laundry specialist who can help you with all your industrial laundry operation needs from the planning and design phase to the opening of your facility. If you already have a laundry up and running, we can help you decide what equipment would work best in your facility and furnish your establishment with these appliances. We carry a range of brands and devices that can be rented or purchased, as well as equipment that is used. In addition, our skilled technicians are available to repair your equipment should you need it, as well as provide parts.

If you’re ready to start planning your new facility or want to revitalize your current laundry business, call us for a consultation today!